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Member and authorized dealer

Groupe Abitem

Being a member of the Canadian Association of fencing industry, we respect the highest standards of integrity. Material selection to production processes and installation, every aspect of our work is subject to constant assessment. With us, you will first find respect, respect of your expectations and our commitments. You will discover unique products, superior quality and you will get all the necessary information to make the right decision. 

Inter Clôture Abitem

Faithful member of the Inter Clôtures group , Company Inter Clôtures Abitem emerged as  Lafrenière & Brousseau. Bought in 2006, the company has an unrivaled strength. The current owners focus on quality, service and expertise. The first goal of the innovative company is to offer the best there is at a very competitive price. Our many years of service enable us to respond as effectively as possible to your needs by offering an expert service. A dynamic, enterprising, serious and professional development on a reliable and durable product. Inter Clôtures Abitem offers a wide range of products to satisfy you.

Plastique Abitem

Plastic Abitem is a company involved in the design, manufacture and distribution of products made from recycled plastic. Having opened the market in 1998 with our drilling box made entirely of polymer we have expanded our product line to offer green products, safe and sustainable, whether for home, commerce, industry and mining.